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Delve Deeper

The Delvers are real people too and we wanted to share our own thoughts and experiences with you. We want to share when things don't go to plan as well as when things go great. We believe that everything works out in the end as long as we learn from our experiences and learn to laugh at ourselves along the way.

Wanted: Weirdos and Misfits

8 January 2020

It was so refreshing to hear that the Government’s Chief Advisor is touting for ‘unusual’ applicants, or I quote,...

by Nicola and Sarah

Controlling Our Own Destiny

23 August 2019

Jo Anderson is the Talent and Learning Facilitator at Delve So often I have worked with people who are not enjoying...

by Guest Blogger
The Curious Truth about Talent Management

The Curious Truth about Talent

8 April 2019

When you think about talent management, what conjures up in your mind?  When the Delvers asked this question to...

by Nicola and Sarah

Is Anyone Really Listening?

27 November 2018

How well do you listen? I mean really listen? You might think you are listening when people talk but how often are you...

by sarah

How to Win by Losing

17 May 2018

I recently visited Morocco which is a beautiful country with a fascinating culture.  Before I went, people suggested I...

by sarah

Beware the Bodysnatchers

22 February 2018

Think back to all the people who have given you feedback over the years, not just in a work context, you could go back...

by nicola

Break the Snooze Button Habit

5 December 2017

I struggle with this time of year. Dark mornings make me feel like hitting the snooze button several times and hiding...

by sarah

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