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Be Wigan Be Me: A Systems Leadership Approach

The Health and Social Care Partners within Wigan Borough are working to build leadership capability and develop talent in order to deliver their Locality Plan to support Wigan residents to be well and take control of their life and care.

To guarantee success, it was crucial that leaders collaborate on bringing about sustainable changes to the way services are delivered in the Wigan community aligned to the Greater Manchester ambition.

Delve worked with the 5 health and social care organisations in Wigan to develop a shared leadership framework and pilot a talent development programme for systems leaders working across traditional organisational boundaries.

The Be Wigan; Be Me Talent Development Programme took professionals on a journey of self-discovery about what it truly means to work collaboratively and across the system.

The whole Talent Development Programme and framework took a strengths-based approach and aligns with the roll out of an assets-based approach which supports the aims of the Wigan borough Integrated Care Organisation.

Delve designed and facilitated a Development Centre as a key element of this programme. The approach was to focus on identifying strengths and examples of behaviours that support collaborative working linked to the leadership framework. The development centre highlighted how many people were using skills useful in individual organisations but had yet to make the step change required to engage fully with others in across the system. This tells us that for true collaborative working, attending meetings with others is not enough, a focus on building relationships in different ways is required if we are to be successful in delivering locality plans. The focus on strengths spotting worked very well. Many participants commented on how it was a different approach to feedback than they were used to.   One participant stated, ‘Feedback from the development centre was insightful and useful and helped me see where my strengths lie so I can build on these in my role as a systems leader’.

The leaders self-assessed against a leadership framework designed to assess the behaviours associated with collaborative leadership and working across a system. There was a significant improvement in scores at the end of the programme compared to the self-assessment at the beginning, indicating a key shift in experience and knowledge of working across the system.


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