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Case Studies

Bringing Strategy to Life through Storytelling

Bridgewater Community Healthcare NHS foundation Trust had recently developed a new five year strategy to become an outstanding organisation for which people love to work for and work with, and one from which people know they will receive great local care. The mission at Bridgewater is to improve local health and wellbeing in the communities they serve.

To enable the key messages from the new strategy to come to life, Bridgewater needed some new approaches to support leaders in making sure that the thousands of people that work in the organisation buy into it, line up behind it and deliver it – for that to happen they needed leaders to tell a good story that will connect with people.

Delve worked with Bridgewater to co-create an interactive storytelling programme that enabled leaders to:

  • Understand the power of telling stories and the research behind this
  • Learn tools and techniques to develop good stories through personal story telling
  • Shape the story of Bridgewater in terms of past, present and future
  • Develop stories based on the strategy that would be resonate with their teams and engage with people in truly meaningful way to galvanise delivery of the strategy.

The outcomes of the programme led to leaders feeling more confident in their ability to bring the strategy to life for their teams through effective story telling and understand the impact of stories to the organisation vision and strategy.

Some of the comments from participants included:

‘Clear and engaging way of bringing story telling into teams’

‘Enjoyable programme – interesting and thought provoking and I am keen to develop my story of the strategy to share with teams’

Delve are continuing to work with Bridgewater Community Healthcare NHS Trust to develop and enable more and more leaders to connect their teams with the future focus of the organisation through storytelling.

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