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Building sustainability into new ways of working at Blackpool Teaching Hospitals

The pressure the health and care sector is under is well documented. Challenges include an aging population, increasing numbers of people with complex long-term conditions, rising patient expectations, increasing waiting times and growing costs.

Across the Fylde Coast, partners are all working together to address the artificial barriers that exist between health and social care. Through the development of an Integrated Care Partnership (ICP), these partners have an opportunity to deliver as much care as possible in community settings, bringing teams of different professionals together and develop new services to deliver care in different ways. There are four main areas for focus:

  • Access to Emergency Care
  • Access to Urgent Care
  • Acute Inpatient Episode
  • Discharge

Although great progress had been made, there were still many barriers throughout the system, in particular, around engaging staff to share information using an Acute Care Intelligence App. Going forwards the ACM will enable colleagues from health and eventually social care from all over the Fylde Coast to drill through and map the location and status of patients as appropriate to support patient flow and identify delays in the system.

Delve have been supporting Blackpool Teaching Hospitals in creating an organisational development and sustainability plan to ensure that perceived barriers are explored and overcome, and to embed any new ways of working into onboarding processes and policies.

The outcomes of this plan were to:

  • Ensure that patients receive the benefits from the system wide sharing of data
  • Engage appropriately with all stakeholders, particularly those who will play a key role in inputting the real-time data.
  • Overcome barriers and identify enablers which will promote use of the ‘app’ across our whole system
  • Develop our workforce in a way that goes beyond the technical, particularly the culture and change elements
  • Ensure sufficient leadership capacity and capability
  • Build system and organisational resilience and sustainability
  • Promote innovation, continuous learning and quality improvement

This has led us to support the Trust with an engagement plan that will see executive roadshows sharing the case for change through storytelling. The main aim was to develop a shared level of understanding around “what’s going on” currently in relation to the transformation of Urgent and Emergency Care services across the Fylde Coast and to engage stakeholders in developing what the future service model looks like, creating a well-defined scope for the transformation programme, and agreeing priorities for action.

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