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Meet The Delvers

Sarah Montgomery

Creative and passionate about making a real difference to people and teams

Sarah has a wealth of experience working with companies to deliver a range of organisational development interventions. Sarah has strong facilitation skills, enhancing the learning experience, effectively working with leaders and teams to transform services.

Sarah takes an action-oriented approach to ensure that the people she is working with can make tangible changes in the workplace. As a qualified coach, Sarah’s natural curiosity enables her to quickly adapt to any situation and create successful outcomes.

Sarah’s style is supportive, energetic and creative. Her strengths lie in working collaboratively with clients to develop pragmatic and engaging solutions that make a real difference.

Outside of work, Sarah enjoys an interesting mix of either candle-lit yoga or kickboxing depending on her mood!

Nicola Boyle

Vibrant and fresh thinking with a smart working approach to teams and organisations

Nicola has 20 years of experience working across a wide range of industries, working with teams and leaders on change programmes, team diagnostics and performance and talent management.

Nicola's strength is to bring strategy to life and ensure that people and team dynamics are aligned to where an organisation needs it to be.

Nicola's approach is to inject vibrant, fresh thinking and smarter working into teams and organisations, developing leaders to have an adaptive mind-set. Her creative approach and impactful facilitation of leadership programmes and coaching creates conditions where leadership can flourish.

Nicola’s high energy approach has to sometimes be calmed with yoga sessions and occasional visits to the gym.

Joanna Leese

Supportive and encouraging whilst creatively and adaptively guiding teams and leaders

Joanna is an experienced facilitator having delivered short-term and long-term development programmes to a variety of sectors including education, hospitality and health and social care.

She has strong communication skills, enabling her to work effectively with teams and leaders to create a valued and trusted learning experience.

Joanna’s style is energetic and engaging, with a focus on strengths to ensure that teams understand their dynamic and individual value, leading to more cohesive working, progression and simultaneous personal and team growth.

Joanna is supportive and encouraging whilst creatively and adaptively guiding teams and leaders through a bespoke process to develop tools to make an impact in their work.

When not in work, Joanna likes to head out of the city for some country air and a good view!

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