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Meet The Delvers

Nicola Boyle

Vibrant and fresh thinking with a smart working approach to teams and organisations.

Nicola has 17 years of experience working across both private and public-sector businesses to design and lead on change, continuous improvement, team performance and talent management projects. Nicola set up Delve in 2015.

Nicola's strength is to bring strategy to life and ensure that people and team dynamics are aligned to where an organisation needs it to be.

Nicola can help individuals and teams to identify what their transformational journey looks like, breaking this down into manageable steps with clear goals and empower people to reach their potential, finding the enhanced version of themselves. Nicola has a continuous improvement philosophy and a high challenge, high supportive style, helping individuals and organisations understand what they need to stop, start and keep doing to succeed.

Nicola's approach is to inject vibrant, fresh thinking and smarter working into teams and organisations, developing leaders to have an adaptive mind-set that can anticipate and drive positive behaviour change. Her creative design and impactful facilitation of leadership programmes and coaching creates the conditions where leadership can flourish.

Nicola’s high energy approach has to sometimes be calmed down with yoga sessions and she switches off her brain with an occasional run.

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