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Our Delvers are highly experienced leaders, we know what it takes to get the best out of people.

We can design a bespoke leadership programme relevant to your business and its unique challenges. Our programmes are practical and anchored to reality so that your leaders can apply fresh thinking to the challenges they face. There are options for us to accredit your leadership programmes with the Chartered Management Institute from frontline to strategic leadership packages as well as Coaching Skills for Leaders

Leadership is not necessarily tied to position, it’s an outlook that will set your organisation apart. When your leaders have mastered the art of being a great boss, how do they take a wider perspective and continue to go from good to great? Our Stripped Back Leadership programme will reconnect your leaders with their true sense of purpose, be able to navigate resiliently through a complex landscape, and rediscover strengths that have led to their success so far. We use a combination of development centres, webinars, coaching, networking and 360 feedback to support your leaders to be the best version of themselves.

1. Zoom in: Re-discover who you really are and the unique way you get business done.

2. Zoom out: Use your strengths to enable your team to innovate and add value to your strategy and unique business challenges.

3. Zoom wider: Build new relationships and collaborations across a wider system to help your business grow.

Suitable for all middle to senior managers who are looking to enhance their leadership style.

Sometimes when we are really good at what we do, we suddenly find ourselves in charge. But don’t panic, our 321-leadership programme covers the basic healthy essentials of how to be the kind of manager people actually want to work with.
Far from your traditional leadership course, 321 takes a fresh approach to learning. We know that people learn best when they can apply the learning into their real world of work. We use a combination of peer learning, webinars, coaching and on the job experience to support your managers to be the best version of themselves.

1. The Good Stuff: Knowing yourself, building resilience and nurturing relationships to create a fantastic team dynamic.

2. The Tough Stuff: Achieving high performance and knowing what to do when things get tricky.

3. The Inspiring Stuff: Motivating everyone to move in the same direction and taking the team with you through change.

Suitable for all new managers and those who could do with a little refresh

We can design a whole talent framework which will help you to create a high performing, sustainable organisation that meets its strategic and operational goals. Or, if you just need a map of where you are now, and where you want to get to, we can do that too.

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Be The Best You
Helping leaders to grow
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It’s all about the small things

Happiness is a choice. It’s a skill that can be developed with a few simple acts. Yes, this was a surprise for me too until a few years ago when I developed this skill for myself. I’d just started a new job and was juggling the increased responsibility at the same time as raising a…

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