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What if you had a highly engaged workforce, continually improving the way you get business done that no other company could replicate?

The Delve Talent tool helps you to evolve how you develop and engage with people at work. We have shifted from stagnant talent pools and blocked pipelines and recognised that with Delve, we can support you to develop a growth mindset as an organisation where you will have happier and more committed people performing at their best. The Delve Talent Tool enables regular feedback and coaching conversations about talent and development and also supports discussions about whether people are in the right role for them and for your business. At Delve we want everyone to be a hyper-performer and with our Delve Talent Tool and approach, you can start to tap into the real potential of all your people and bring about improved performance for your organisation.

We tailor how it works to your needs. There are four key stages in our process. The Delve Talent Tool can be embedded throughout your organisation and can also be applied at a team level.
Whatever you need you can count on Delve to be refreshingly hands on.



Review current strategic position and vision of where you want to be.
Evaluate existing performance management approach.
Make recommendations to achieve your people performance goals.

Embed your people and performance priorities into the Delve training programme.
Design an engagement plan for your leaders and teams to deliver a refreshed message about people performance.

Deliver a Train the Trainer programme for key people to become licensed Delve Practitioners.
And/Or deliver training programmes to develop leaders and teams to have Delve conversations.

Annual ongoing support for licensed Practitioners as part of the Delve community.
Organisational support to ensure the outcomes are sustainable.

Would you like to know more?

Get in touch on sayhello@delveod.co.uk and we’ll be happy to discuss with you, or download the Delve Talent Tool brochure below.

Developing successful teams that soar
Be The Best You
Helping leaders to grow
Organisational Change
Transforming your organisation


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